Sports Nutrition Flavours, Seasonings & Colours

Sensate manufactures and supplies an extensive range of flavours, colours and seasonings to the sports nutrition and health food product manufacturers. Great products demand exceptional flavours, colours and seasongs that deliver a consistent result. We partner with you to help produce delicious foods that consumers love.

Sports Nutrition and Health Product Flavours, Colours & Ingredients

Sensate is a specialist flavour, seasoning, colour and ingredient supplier. Our reputation is built on providing outstanding customer service, a broad range of quality products and order flexibility. Successful sports nutrion and health food products are built on unique, exciting flavours, colours and seasonings that provide manufacturers with a cost effective, consistent solution that accurately reflect real life ingredients. Sensate offers manufacturers with the greatest range of quality flavours, colours and seasonings. Our expert staff can help identify and supply amazing flavours and seasonings that will help separate your product from your competition.

Your Partner for Sports Nutrition Flavours, Seasonings and Colours

Sensate partners with manufacturers of Sports Nutrition products to develop, manufacture and source the very best flavours, seasonings and colours. Alongside our extensive range of flavours we have the capability to source or manufacture custom or unique flavours for our customers. Our combination of high customer service levels, experience and industry recognised quality standards enables us to provide our customers with a complete service solution.

The Sensate difference:

Rapid Response

At Sensate we understand that fast response times are essential to your business. We provide a rapid turnaround without compromising quality.

Consistent High Quality Flavours and Colours

Our experienced staff and manufacturing processes ensure that quality and consistency are never compromised. We are one of the few flavour, colour and seasoning companies that are internationally certified. This involves the adoption of the HACCP, a documented quality management system and control of factory environmental standards, processes and personnel. The standard is regarded as the benchmark in the food industry and is designed to be used to help retailer and brand owners to be confident that our products meet or exceed both Australian and EU food law standards.

Customised Flavours Developed for Your Unique Product

We pride ourselves on being able to develop or source the perfect flavours, seasonings, colours and Flavour Colours for your product. We work closely with you to understand your product and market and then develop a flavour that matches your specific requirements.

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