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Sensate food manufacturing solutions

Sensate manufactures and supplies an extensive range of flavours, seasonings and colours to the food, beverage, dairy, bakery, sports nutrition, snack food and small goods industries. Great products demand exceptional flavours, colours and seasonings that deliver a consistent result. We partner with you to help produce delicious foods and drinks that consumers love.


Sensate has expertise and facilities to develop custom flavours, colours and seasonings that are specifically suited to your products.
Our experienced staff and manufacturing processes ensure that quality and consistency are never compromised. We are one of the few flavour, colour and seasoning companies that have world recognised food standards certificates. This involves the adoption of the HACCP, a documented quality management system and control of factory environmental standards, processes and personnel. The standard is regarded as the benchmark in the food industry and is designed to be used to help retailer and brand owners to be confident that our products meet or exceed both Australian and EU food law standards.

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Sensate is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of flavours, colours and seasonings to the food and beverage industry. We partner with our clients to produce delicious foods and beverages that consumers love. We have the capability to develop unique, custom flavours, colours and seasonings to suit manufacturer’s specific requirements. Our expert staff a dedicated to making your products a success.
Due to our experienced staff and efficient manufacturing systems, Sensate is able to provide product manufacturers with a rapid response time on developing, sourcing and manufacture.

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